Real estate investments: complete guide with everything you need to know.

Currently, new opportunities are being presented for investors in the real estate sector in Colombia. The development of new projects, homes and own houses are on the rise and set the trend for this 2020.

Investing in a real estate project like Rudn Enclave noc provides provides is an exciting challenge for successful business investors, since the purchase of a property is in constant appreciation.

Among the wide variety of investment options available in Colombia, real estate has become an option with excellent demand and optimal results in extended terms.

Aspects to consider when investing in real estate.

  • Keep in mind that real estate projects are backed under trust, this will help build trust, act as an endorsement and allow clients to delegate the management of their assets.
  • You must know if the property in which you are going to invest is insured, so you will not lose your investment.
  • You should look for different real estate agencies so that you can know different offers that exist in the market and that can be adjusted to what you are really looking for.
  • You must investigate if the real estate is reliable to start from a good starting point and make your investment.

History of real estate investments in the country

The year 2017 represented high profitability results for the real estate market in the country; According to the Financial Superintendency, the housing portfolio increased by 6.75% during that year. In that sense, the year 2020 has been estimated to continue presenting that trend.

This has become a coherent, safe, reliable and convenient investment option for those investors with a low risk profile, classifying it as a safe investment in the area of ​​real estate investments.

Tips to make successful investments.

Here are some basic tips that will help you make good investments in the real estate sector in Colombia:

  • Look for success stories and examples of people who searched for the best investment options and are now happy with their results. This will help inspire you and follow good paths.
  • You must have a deep understanding of your needs as a client, this will help you to know if you want to buy a property to live in or to be a real estate investor.
  • You must research, study and analyse to have a broad knowledge about the current real estate offer; This will benefit you and make you become an investment expert.

Look for recommendations for projects in which other people have successfully invested, analyse those who have a high sense of conviction and commitment, they usually provide very good ideas to make future investments in real estate projects.

Advantages of making real estate investments.

Wide real estate offer:

There are thousands of projects that adapt to the tastes and budgets of investors, ranging from investing on plans or acquiring new or used homes; with or without subsidy; and that are in the sectors where they are desired.

Financing facilities:

Entities such as the Government, compensation funds and the private sector have been interested in the real estate sector, among their contributions are much lower mortgage rates, inflation control, facilities for the payment of the down payment and subsidies.


The natural tendency of a property is that if it is kept in good condition, it can be appreciated over time. In Colombia, in the vast majority of areas, properties are being valued.

Investing in real estate has low risk:

When it comes to investing the savings that have been worked on for a lifetime, investing in real estate at this time in Colombia has low economic and physical risk; the main concern is preserving capital.

However, investing in a property, for example on plans, is a project that in the medium term will increase the value of the property over the one purchased, and when it comes to selling it will generate profits.

5 important reasons to invest in properties.

It is no secret that Medellín, its Metropolitan Area and nearby municipalities have become, in recent years, a benchmark for innovation in Colombia and Latin America. Its rapid real estate, industrial and economic growth position it as one of the city-regions with the best lifestyle to live and invest in properties.

The city of “eternal spring” and its surroundings have become an attraction for foreign investment, since its quality of life, its business sector and an entire ecosystem based on change and social transformation have put it in the sights of large businessmen with different types of investment for the city.

This region of the department has become a pioneer sector in apartments with home automation adapted to the needs of its inhabitants; properties that are characterized by being efficient and of high quality, becoming a great reason for people who want to build a family starting by investing in properties.

Infrastructure, social factors, job opportunities and mega-works such as the Oriented Tunnel have become important reasons for those who want to make a safe investment in Medellín and its surroundings.

Its spectacular mild climate, the kindness and cordiality of its inhabitants make it an optimal region for investment and personal and business progress.

Below we will give you 5 relevant reasons so that you know why investing in Tajarat properties and the Metropolitan Area is the best option in the world of real estate:

Investing in properties boosts the local market.

For a long time, Medellín and its nearby municipalities have been among the first regions of Latin America with the greatest investment attraction. Venture capital per capita is one of the highest in South America, which establishes a positive level of investment resources.

Clusters such as: tourism, energy, construction, health, and textiles represent a high percentage of the department’s assets and an important GDP.

Various government and private strategies have come together to emphasize the repowering of commerce as a fundamental pillar to activate the economy of the city, promoting projects in favour of indigenous enterprises in the region and achieving stabilization of local markets that represent many of the functions of the region.

Competitive city, ideal place to invest in properties.

According to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, Antioquia has occupied the first place in Administrative Transparency on several occasions. This recognition for the management of public resources has allowed Medellín to become a lender in international entities.

In this sense, compared to other major cities around the world, the city of “eternal spring” and municipalities such as Caldas, Bello, Rionegro and El Retiro have much more interesting property purchase prices.

The geographic settlement of the city, the financial benefits offered by the entities that operate there, the climate, architecture, culture and other social aspects have made Medellín a captivating city that attracts people to project themselves in the purchase of properties as a project investment or housing.

Invest in properties in a leading city in innovation.

Medellín is a city that has been characterized as a benchmark in innovation. It is proud to show itself as one of the pioneering cities in science, technology and innovation public policies.

It allocates a large part of its public budget to innovation, effectively influencing the transformation, not only of the city, but of its inhabitants.

Medellín has been recognized as an international innovation centre. The optimal quality of life to create a family, the presence of one of the best and most diversified mass transportation systems in America are representations of the innovation they implement.

This is evidenced by the high number of companies that today put their faith in it and also by people who find the city a reference for their investments in properties and the future for their family stability.

Investing in properties as a driver of the economy and development

The capital of Antioquia and its surroundings are today one of the most recognized regions in America to invest. Different business groups (tourism, telecommunications, textiles) have set their sights on the city, for which the GDP has increased, representing a large part of the department’s assets.

These sectors of the department have a great offer in terms of investment properties, with housing projects in San Antonio de Prado in Medellín, housing projects in Caldas, El Retiro, Rionegro and beautiful housing projects in Bello; These are ideal references for real estate projects offered by Vínculo Desarrollo inmobiliaria.

The financing per capita of Medellín is one of the highest and most profitable in the south of the continent, which allows having a series of benefits for those who wish to make their investments in the real estate sector in the city.

Investing in properties is thinking about the future.

For young families who want to invest in the future, specifically in the education of their children, the city is an educational territory that is ahead of other regions of the department.

This region of Antioquia is characterized by its green mountains, its beautiful landscapes characterize the pride of the inhabitants of these areas.

Medellín is home to universities such as: The National University, the University of Antioquia, the Colegio Mayor de Antioquia, the University of Medellín, among others.

These educational institutions, according to a study by the Lucker Foundation, positioned it, after a multidimensional study of higher education, as the third city in Colombia with the best conditions to receive education.

These characteristics position the city as a sustainable territory for real estate investment practices.

Enjoy beautiful landscapes by investing in properties in Medellín and its surroundings.

Medellín, and its nearby municipalities enjoy beautiful mountainous landscapes that highlight the geography of this region of the department, its natural wealth predominates, and it becomes a main attraction of which its inhabitants are proud.

This sector is the cradle and promoter of national tourism and is characterized by its exponential economy, attracting people from all over the world who are always ready to get to know it.

This region is a promoter of cultural strategies, from art, music, poetry and hundreds of other activities that can be enjoyed thanks to the cultural wealth of this sector of the department.

The collaborative economy is a feat of this region and allows the diversification of enterprises that promote the development of the thriving inhabitant of Medellín and its surroundings.

Get to know the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, the Museum of Antioquia, visit the Botanical Garden of the city, enter the Planetarium, enjoy native forests such as the Arvi, venture to the source of the Medellín River in Alto de San Miguel in Caldas, marveling at an exceptional gastronomy, climbing hills such as Tres Cruces, enjoying fresh rivers and one of the greatest biodiverse riches in Colombia are some of the thousands of activities that can be enjoyed in this region.