Pinup Studios: Stylish Hair Without Breaking The Bank

Pinup Studios, a salon located in Raleigh NC, is an affordable hair studio that offers clients fashionable hair that won’t break the budget. They are open on Saturdays and are open to walk-ins, with no appointment required. The stylists at Pinup Studio have more than 10 years of experience , so you can count on them to deliver outstanding results!

Who doesn’t want the best? Pinup Studios knows that hair is one of most important things that you notice when meeting new people and want to look your absolute best every time. With our low prices this is easier than before!

Pinup Studio is a Raleigh hair salon which provides the highest quality hair services across Raleigh NC. They offer a broad range of styles and services for women. To schedule an appointment, you can call them or fill out a contact form via their web site. They can schedule appointments on the same day if you are in a hurry, and they also take walk-ins.

The staff working at Pinup Studio works hard on creating a comfortable environment for every customer prior to beginning the process. This way they can make sure that they meet the best service based on what they have asked for so far, or styled as requested by them previously at a different appointment with a hairstylist, or barber who wasn’t acquainted with your style preferences !

Raleigh Hair Salon

If you are looking for the top hair salon within Raleigh, NC then you must go to Pinup Studio. The salon is a boutique for hair that has been in operation for long and they only deal with women! Their team is made of professionals, including barbers and hairstylists that aim to make your experience enjoyable while giving you exactly what want.

The vibe in this restaurant is very relaxing, even if this is the first time you’ve visited them as a customer , or simply availing their complimentary consultation services which help customers determine how to achieve stylish looks for less money when as compared to other salons the chances are that you’ll be comfortable in the salon from the moment they welcome you until they deliver an updated version of you following the styling session for your hair!

Hair Dye

If you want to dye your hair, you should go to Pinup Studios Raleigh NC because they can dye it for you, without costing you a fortune. You can choose from a variety of colors to make your hair appear stunning and you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money for this service.


If you’re looking for some new hairstyles and style, the Pinup Studios Raleigh NC is definitely the perfect place to look. They offer a wide variety of haircuts suitable for all types of hair and also pick from a wide range of styles that suit your individual style. Additionally, their prices are very affordable, so you won’t have to spend a fortune for a gorgeous new haircut.

Wedding Hair

Are you getting married soon? If so, then you must contact Pinup Studios they will help to make your wedding day more memorable. They will work with you to determine what kind of hairstyle would suit your skin tone, hair type, and personality the most. You’ll be amazed at how easily they transform your ordinary appearance into something stunning!

If you want a fabulous new haircut or style that’s elegant and budget-friendly take a trip to Pinup Studios in Raleigh NC soon. The earlier you schedule an appointment for this fantastic treatment, the greater the chance as their schedules fill up fast! Call now to learn more about the various services available at Pinup Studios Raleigh NC.


Go to Pinup Studios to get the perfect hairstyle that doesn’t have to shell out a lot of money. They offer a variety of services that will suit your individual needs and desires. You’ll be delighted with the end result!