Crucial Survival Knife Features

We all know that there are a wide number of features that should be considered when buying a knife. But some features and properties are the most crucial and important of all. Like, here we are going to talk about the size, fixed blade, and full tang significance. So, let us check out how to buy a survival knife or any other kind of Damascus knives! Size Significance The very first important element that you have to consider when purchasing Damascus kitchen knives is to keep in mind their size aspect. You have to understand that size matters a lot. When bigger blades do not perform well? As an example, if you are planning to buy a survival knife, then there is this general rule that a bigger size is not always better. Furthermore, if your survival knife blade is too big, it means you cannot experience the ability and tendency to effectively use that knife for any of the detailed tasks. Like, if your knife blade is somewhat too long, then you cannot precisely and accurately perform tasks like that of dressing a small game. When smaller blades do not perform well? Now, talking about the bad and good side of having small blades! If your knife has a small blade, then keep in mind that it will not be able to perform well while doing rugged kinds of tasks. As an example, knives carrying small blades fail to effectively perform chopping and batoning! Giving you more of the information, batoning technique is used for splitting wood and also for cutting large tree limbs. All in all, the ideal and suitable blade size for a survival knife is 9 to 11 inches in length. Fixed Blade Significance Using a knife that possesses a fixed blade is more durable and reliable to use. We have seen that fixed blade knives usually and generally carry a more upper hand at their end. Such knives meet all of the survival situation requirements with ease. In addition, fixed blade knives are significant and paramount for pounding, chopping, and also for thrusting, prying. They are even ideal for rigorous cutting. Full Tang Significance
  • Lastly, discussing the full tang significance! It is important for you to choose a survival knife that not only carries a fixed blade but also a full tang. With this full tang term, we mean to say that the knife blade and handle are constructed and made by using one continuous piece of metal. In such kinds of knives, scales are attached right to the handle portion so that the user can enjoy having a more comfortable grip time. Moreover, if you are using a full tang knife, then you may witness it more robust-looking. There are many variations in full tang survival knives. Like, you may have partial tang styles, half tang knives, push tang knives, or rat-tail tang knives.
  • If you look at the profile of a full tang blade, then you will see that this kind of knife is much more substantial looking as compared to using a rat-tail tang knife. On the other hand, partial tang knife blades tend to loosen themselves with the passage of time. When you see that the partial tang blade is getting loosen up from the handle, then that is an indication that you cannot perform tasks like prying and batoning and also chopping.
So, it is always recommended to get a full tang knife blade. This knife variation remains functional. In addition, full tang knife blades give more added comfort and exceptional grip time to the user. Keep tuned as more details are coming up.